The Australian Governments Own Data Proves They Lied

The Australian Governments Own Data Proves They Lied

By Con Rona

Deaths attributed to Covid-19 = ⁣An average of 1.7 deaths each day
From first case in Australia 25Jan2020 to 15Aug2021
Deaths attributed to Covid-19 Vaccine = ⁣An average of 5.7 deaths each day
From start of vaccination 22Feb2021 to 15Aug2021

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Thank you for your diligence. I ran the TGA report that you did, last night. I too did a count of the deaths column. It is now 1,044 deaths.

I’m all for this video, most accurate information that’s been released and the government are shady, however i think the maths are a bit wrong with this.
Im a skeptic of both sides, but ill tell you the issues i have found with this video.
You havn’t added in the fact that 12,100,000 vaccines given at least 1 dose in Australia..thats almost 50% of the population. So for 986 deaths from vaccines taking into all those numbers combined, thats a 0.0075% death rate.
Now, 958 Deaths just from covid alone since Australia had its first death.
56,212 cases of covid have been recorded total. so with 958 deaths, thats a percentage of 1.71% death rate.
Therefore, the vaccines have less chance of death. Another thing too, you have left in the TNS vaccine which is type not specified, some of those results actually could of been from it. Pfizer and astrazeneca should have just been selected for the results, THEN calculate the deaths.
You have made out that the vaccines caused more deaths in a shorter time frame, but ignoring how many people actually had it in that time frame.

tick tock
They have just admitted publicly about 900 deaths they previously said were OF covid were only WITH covid.

FAR more people have died than been reported, for sure! They want us dead. But I think maybe that reporting may show the same “1 death” under multiple “adverse events” though.

Drs. Thomas Cowan and Andrew Kaufman interviewed by Mike Adams: Why the “virus” pandemic is a FARCE

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