The Mental and Economic Harm Being Inflicted on Those in NSW From This 10-Week Berejiklian Lockdown Is Disgraceful

The Mental and Economic Harm Being Inflicted on Those in NSW From This 10-Week Berejiklian Lockdown Is Disgraceful

By Alan Jones

The mental and economic harm being inflicted on those in NSW from this 10-week Berejiklian lockdown is disgraceful.

The NSW government is playing with people’s minds and torturing their emotions. We now know of a shadow pandemic – mental health.

Consumed with stubbornness, how can the Premier and her “Crisis Cabinet”, infected with groupthink, continue to tell the NSW public that after, again, recording over 1,200 “cases” today, that lockdowns are the answer?
Clearly they are not.

From the very beginning of this lockdown, Gladys Berejiklian was pursuing zero or near-zero cases.
Government cannot eliminate a virus.

And what about the Clayton’s announcement by Berejiklian that, since most are taking up the vaccine, on September 13, the NSW public will be allowed to enjoy an outdoor picnic totalling five fully-vaccinated people.

Why five people? Why not 15 people?

Where is the scientific evidence for this? We are never shown.

We are entitled to ask why there is any limit at all when it comes to outdoor settings considering that on August 14, the Premier admitted at her scare conference that there was “no strong evidence of outdoor transmission” and only granted the police extra powers because it was “operationally” easier.

So, the illiberal Berejiklian government embraces a police state.

The Liberal Party swamp full of fake, woke Liberals.

Under the NSW Liberals, we have troops on our streets and police helicopters in the sky.

The answer, apparently, from those politicians in Macquarie Street who have not surrendered a single cent during this lockdown, is to fine people who have lost their job.

And then, without any parliamentary debate whatsoever, Berejiklian introduces a curfew.

Where is the sheet of paper which says curfews work? There isn’t one.

Gladys Berejiklian’s Premiership will forever be stained by this performance.

Watch and follow Mark Latham’s Outsiders who further dissects the nonsense of these lockdowns and the impact it is having on hardworking families.

He is a patriot and someone who deserves the support of NSW voters in order to hold this arrogant NSW government to account.


Here’s what others had to say:

Kathy Varga
People are loosing patience… this leaders should be locked up.Enough is enough.

El Seitn
She needs to be held accountable for her negligence and the damage she has done.

Dan Oneill
Instead of just woffling on in political speak do something about it mark and Alan !!!! U both have the position knowledge and opportunity to Give us the people an alternative to vote for instead of being just a whisper and a minor party in both houses..
Assemble candidates in every electorate to challenge both major parties and go further by using this opportunity of China destroying many of our export markets whilst our attention has been on covid to buy build and value add in Australia using our own minerals resources manufacturing and tradesmen to then export our value added quality
Otherwise youre of no or very little benefit in what u say in the bigger picture of the future of Australia or the benefits to us people

Kerry Mcintosh
The same argument could be said about us in the South Island, NZ. Being subjected to harsh lock downs in a part of the country separated by a stretch of water with no community cases.

Simon Blackburn
I’ve been saying this for a while now. The definition of insanity…
If you have to continually go into lockdown, then lockdowns don’t really work now do they ?

Jak Kanard
Alan ! A very simple solution to lockdowns; every truck driver in Australia stops working until the state/territory borders are open !No ifs, no buts. After one week, the country grinds to a halt; no food, no petrol, no freight, no health care products, no parcels, almost nothing moves, and the state/territory leaders are thereby forced to open borders…

Ann Babbidge
Hello Alan, we are all hoping you are doing well after your recent surgery. We really need to get rid of Preferential voting both Federally and State elections. Should we vote for One Nation it could very well put in the unwanted Labor who are so scary, it would be like having Biden in Australia; and what a disaster that is in USA!

Irena Kupkovic
Most powerful comments in this post “Government cannot eliminate a virus” & “no strong evidence of outdoor transmission”…

Julia Bruinenberg
The whole situation is terrible, I have 3 kids my eldest turned 18 in lockdown. She has been crying because as a teen all of the hopes for the future is uncertain, the trial HSC was stopped, started, postponed then started again. There’s no end in sight, what will 2022 bring when the great hope that 2021 was going to be so great compared to 2020 didn’t pan out! Difficult in so many ways for people!

Phil Habib
Vaccines are not the answer either And mandating them is absolutely criminal. Invest the money in more hospital beds and treat the most vulnerable, what a disgrace this is!

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