The UK Government Has Scrapped the Vaxx Passport Scheme

The UK Government Has Scrapped the Vaxx Passport Scheme

By London Times

The UK government has scrapped the vaccine passport scheme.
Source: BBC


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Here’s what others had to say:

Lets just hope the majority Australians and the Government do a u turn on supporting such a divisive and apartheid idea!

I dont for one second trust this is good news they are brewing up something for sure there is no way they just bin this.

Is this just a ploy to say it didn’t work only to reintroduce it with greater force and conviction in 6 months?

How come I still think there is a reason they are stopping this…..only to bring it back later. Call me sceptical.

Bang!!! This is good for us, it was ALL to get the jab uptake….. but I still don’t trust them.

From reading these comments it’s plain to see people have lost all faith in governments; and rightfully so!

Will never happen here. Our politicians are too far gone and have no morals.

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