There’s Something Big Going On With China Right Now…

There’s Something Big Going On With China Right Now…

By Dan Bongino

This is a HUGE deal… and that might be downplaying how serious it is.

Here’s what others had to say:

Niels Toft
I had a feeling there were something else in the pipeline the way America pulled out of Afghanistan the way they did

Jan Lillehaug
Time for Americans to get together & Stand their Ground & Fight….Complaining surely won’t help, I thought this was a Land of the Brave..Hmmm

Randy Mula
Fear mongering, they need us to sell their products. They are not losing control of there people they have an army and 20% are rich. Stop the lies.

Tj Decoste
I wouldn’t worry about them invading Taiwan….the US is on their list. We are almost crippled at this point with covid crap. And our rights are being taken away on a daily basis. We are at our weakest point in history.

Moroni Rew
No one is talking about this or doing anything about this, because China has bought our our government/politicians.

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