‘This Is Not the Australia I Recognise’: Morrow

‘This Is Not the Australia I Recognise’: Morrow

By Sky News Australia

Sky News host James Morrow says “this is not an Australia I recognise” after a WA man was jailed for breaching COVID quarantine requirements.

“WA has just gone completely bonkers for the Mark McGowan approach to this [COVID]”, Mr Morrow said. Mr Morrow said he found comments on the ABC’s Facebook page on this story were “some of the most disturbing things” he’d ever seen.

“This is not an Australia I recognise and I’ve lived here for twenty years.”

Here’s what others had to say:

Don’t forget that we have many ‘Australians’ in our country who are taking every opportunity to create divisions and chaos and work in their typical underhanded ways. Ignore.

Handsome Muggle
Murderers, Rapists, Fraudsters, bank Robbers, car stealing and even kid abusers get waaaay less punishment and jail time than a so called covid breacher. We really are in the lucky country aren’t we.

Where there’s life there’s hope
The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon had her official residence Bute House painted and decorated during the height of the lockdown in 2020 and all “non essential” business were forced to close their doors. Nothing was done about it. I’m an Australian expat now residing in the UK since 2017. It is no longer the country I left behind. No longer the lucky country.

Our leaders are dividing us, and making us fight amongst one another.
Australia is doomed! – I don’t say this being hysterical, I genuinely think we’ve seen the best of it..

Only the nutters who fight over toilet paper would, want a fascist draconian system .

So does he have to finish quarantine first, or does he take his nonexistent covid germs with him straight to jail?

john patrick
Cubans protesting in the streets for liberty facing hard penalties have more guts than most Australians.

Original Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCiCWZDNvdk&ab_channel=SkyNewsAustralia

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