Tucker Carlson: This May Have Been the Greatest Crime in History

Tucker Carlson: This May Have Been the Greatest Crime in History

By Fox News

Fox News host Tucker Carlson argues no one benefited more from the COVID pandemic than China

Here’s what others had to say:

It is mind boggling how corrupt our society actually is; never thought I’d say it, but the evidence is overwhelming.

Chickens and Gardening
Although China’s role in this is rather obvious, American tech companies have totally suppressed any online discussion about it.

Geri Price
This is the scariest thing that has ever happened in our world. It was never about health. It was all about power and control.

Lauri Moncur
The evidence is above and beyond. It’s sad and disgusting at the same time to think of how corrupt and dishonest these people are from world leaders to family members to researchers and the list goes on. Money and power really are the root of all evil.

Fisher of Men Ministries
One of the biggest takeaways from the COVID situation is the realization of how many friends and neighbors are willing to turn you in if you don’t follow mandatory “safety measures.”

Also, when referring to the media, Tucker nails it when he says, “These people, they are stupid, and they are dishonest …”
Every one involved in the cover up of the origin of the pandemic should be held accountable and punished to the full extent of the law.

Buddy Haegele
Tucker Carlson is is one of the few remaining newsmen that have balls to tell the truth – not many left. Hats off to very brave man. End of humankind 2040 – not hard to see that we are heading there fast. Thank you Tucker for your honesty

Sean Downey
When government refuses to bring justice to those deserving, it falls upon the people to bring justice to them. This is the reason for the Second Amendment.

I’ve been saying this for two years now: the effects of the covid lockdowns are not fully known or realized. We’ll be experiencing residual effects of it for years to come, socially, economically, psychologically. It really is no exaggeration to call it the greatest international scandal of our lifetime.

Original Source: https://youtu.be/1MJrUew2Kyg

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