Twitter Censors American Heart Association for Providing Links To Research


Twitter Censors American Heart Association for Providing Links To Research

By Maria Zeee

Twitter has warned its users that the American Heart Association website is “unsafe” after it published an abstract in one of its medical journals which contained research linking the juice to heart inflammation.

Yes. They are trying to silence warnings to the public related to their health. Perhaps we should just read the mainstream headlines that say blood clots are common in winter? Few of those this week.

Here’s what others had to say:

One of the oldest journals in existence and gets censored, what else can we expect

So a highly legitimate organisation that had no issues in publishing these findings offends twitter……

How diabolical are the big tech social media? One huge day of regret they will be called to account.
We need to boycott all these platforms and use and create alternative platforms.

Surely this is a lawsuit on its own?!

If they censor stroke information war it is.

That’s disturbing!!

Instead of winter and summer it’ll be blood clot season and heart attack season.

What would the American Heart Association know? It’s not as though they have spent years researching all things heart health after all. Trust the science or at least Mr Science himself…he knows what’s what. Just listen to him.

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