VIC Lockdown

VIC Lockdown

By Mick Turner

Powerful message … about Vic Lockdown ….

Here’s what others had to say:

Lyra S. Summers
We are all with you, people all around the country and world wide are suffering deeply…All I can say is that what is going on is ABSOLUTELY CRIMINAL…. We must all take a stand to bring this pathetic nonsense to an end…

Lisa Hynard
So very true and surreal insane nonsensical heartbreaking situation bringing our beautiful country to it’s knees! So well said, bless you and sharing right now!

Lynda Palai
Is it time to start a “vote of no confidence” in your premier?

Sally Gibb-Cumming
Thank you for sharing the truth.

Karen Venturi
Shared…. I hear you and I admire you…. Truth in its rawest form thank you… come on Australia we need to stand

Melissa Stephenson
Go live in a third world country. Thank yourself you are not in their shoes.
Consider the dead people from this virus.

Trish Wilson-Kennedy
So sad but this is what the world has come to just pure craziness…..

Lenny Dawe
Mick Turner who is this girl? Let’s share her story as well as her profile

Lenny Dawe
We are listening to you sweetheart

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