VicPol Admits to False Arrests

VicPol Admits to False Arrests

By Marty Focker

Some extra audio from after our false arrest and before our false imprisonment on August 11th during the snap lockdown rally in Melbourne. Vicpol admits the charges are BS and more

Here’s what others had to say:

Bodhi Sattva
Hahaha….busted!! I can’t wait for a Magistrate to hear that in Court. With that evidence Marty, I’d file a complaint with the Victorian Ombudsman, not their own snow job Police Conduct Unit. You could also sue them for false arrest and imprisonment. Give them a taste of their own medicine Marty. Just start a Go Fund me account for the case & we’ll back you mate! Ps: sharing this video far and wide

XvX Snek
My little children are scared of the police, thanks to their conduct during this whole covid debacle. Now instead of seeing them as safe my daughters tell me to make sure we hide if we see police. The way they’re enjoying this heavy handed arresting of people and the masses piling onto a single person is very disturbing.

Nice job Marty, they will be awake to that one next time, outstanding evidence of fitting up the public & wasting the Courts time.

cailin roisin
This is going worldwide. Thanks again, Marty for putting yourself on the front line. A friend in the US used the term “real life Vic Mackeys ” to describe these pathetic VicPol stooges. Apparently this is in reference to a cop show character who is corrupt & will do all things unlawful to feed his ego & get convictions. Spot on.

Raa Raa
Careful ausie police have turned they shoot at unarmed protesters now

Sly Mother Trucker
Got it here in the UK. Hugo Talks posting it – all over. 100% take the police to court. – I love the bit wear he points out to the cop he should be wearing a muzzle!! Epic Fail on the police.

Dean Low
Cops should be wearing Nazi symbols

Jason Hunter
Crimes against Humanity which defines large-scale acts of violence against a locality’s civilian populace. These acts consist of enslavement; bondage; forced removal of the population; imprisonment or deprivation of physical liberty that violates international laws.

Mike Nolan
They should put cops out the front of dunnys for about 40 45 min after I’m done with them.

Nice catch …. I am sure that is against the law ?
Take it to ethical standards…through a solicitor of course.

shaun fitzgerald
Well done Marty! False arrest they should get fired over that.

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