Victorian Police Continue Being Gutless Thugs and Embarrassing Australia

Victorian Police Continue Being Gutless Thugs and Embarrassing Australia

By Melbourne Ground

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Marchel Rochon
The things going on in Australia are unreal! This is sickening!

Trog Lodyte
“When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” Jefferson

I just wish these lads could be more defensively tactical. Even in defense, especially so, every asset for himself or herself.

Ron Preece
Defund the police there’s obviously too many of them if they can afford to do this. This has open my eyes to the fact that they’re not a police force they’ve created an army to fight their own people.

peachy pie
As someone said;The vacc..e wasn’t made for the vi..s. the was made for the va..ine. Rent a sadistic cop must be making a fortune. Stand strong you freedom fighters. You’re in the right. love and prayers from England

They point those guns at innocent non violent people. This will have repercussions, and the police will regret backing the elite and politicians, and not the people. I send all the Australians power, love, positive energy, and wish a happy end for them.

mary whitehead
Disgusting tyranny. Time for all to stand against evil.

William Keener
You need to be tactical as they swam flank them get smart or become a dictatorship

So many more people will see their real face now ! Respect from Amsterdam

Kimberley Mitchell
Support from Queensland, this is unreal! Kind of knew it would reach this point though, we’ve been sleeping giants until now, Australia it’s time to wake up. Stay strong! I’m proud of you all for taking a stand!

Gavin Shear
The irony – all those lives their grandparents generation gave for freedom.

How dare people enjoy fresh air

I Legend
People should learn by now, if you go to protest you need a gas mask for your own protection.

even the nazil he was talking to looks shocked how he shoved the guy in front of him for no reason, they are literally entrapping them on the highground when they are doing absolutely nothing but making a statement. THEY WANT TO PROVOKE YOU, THEY KNOW YOURE NOT PUSSIES. they want the excuse to use more force.

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