Victorian Police Continue on Their Human Rights Abuses

Victorian Police Continue on Their Human Rights Abuses

By Melbourne National Review


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Protest at the Royal Botanical Gardens – Raw Footage – 02.10.21

Protest at the Royal Botanical Gardens & The Tan in Melbourne – Raw Footage Highlights – 02.10.21

Protest was against mandatory vaccination, lockdowns and the the State Government.

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Unfortunately they’ll keep doing it until it’s their turn to be hunted down, do they honestly think that they are exempt from what’s happening ? History repeating itself yet again….”I was only following orders..”

So much police over reach. Peaceful protest and then madness. ??

Great coverage, Ruckshan! I watched the whole thing live and I thought it was funny to see how most people dispersed into all the people who were just out having picnics or whatever and the cops couldn’t tell who were protesting and who weren’t! ? although I feel for those who were tackled in the usual, brutal fashion. Shame on them all but sending hugs to all the people who were standing up for their rights! ❤️

The world is watching us Rukshan and a lot of it is because of you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ??

The protestors should have used the Melbourne Demons club song as a chant…. it seemed to stop police thuggery last week!

Chalk and cheese with the Melbourne footy supporters the weekend before! ?

Those police are outrageous ?. I find this difficult to watch. This really is Australia- OMG ?

Say NO to the State Injectables. They shouldn’t be called vaccines if you don’t have a choice so let’s call them what they are.

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