Warning Military Forces Jabs! Get Prepared and Be Ready


Warning Military Forces Jabs! Get Prepared and Be Ready

By MidNightRider-AussiePatriot

Get proactive everyone cause they have set it all up to get around laws and legislations etc to have the military deployed to force and administer the JAB to every Australian!

Get ready!

Be prepared!


Here’s what others had to say:


Can you please attach or do a follow up with the documents you said you will do, thank you so much for this unnerving information. God help us all.

Warrior Nation
After they have busted in both your front and read doors and you and your friends and family members have released the boiling water onto them and you have bitten someone’s ear off as they wrestled you down onto your kitchen floor and force-jabbed you. What then? They are not going to just leave. Does anybody know where they are building the concentration camps for dissenters? …Photos maybe?

I would appreciate a copy of your declaration of none consent. Where can I obtain this documentation? Thank you for this video and for your advice.

thanks for your work please if you could send us the process cheers

Yes, please advise of what how who to send no consent letter.

What and who do we need to send ‘no consent’ forms to? Are you able to give us dot points of how to draft such a letter?

bet you wish you had kept you guns! dont take the experimental mRNA gene therapy it is not what they are telling you! it is a bioweapon!

Original Source: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Z6R3XbcVvWau/

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