Western Europe Now Facing “TOTAL FINANCIAL COLLAPSE”


Western Europe Now Facing “TOTAL FINANCIAL COLLAPSE”

By Health Ranger Report

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1:00 Collapse News

28:10 David Morgan Interview

1:02:50 David Dubyne Interview

– Featuring “double David” interviews with David Morgan and David Dubyne
– Dubyne predicts Western Europe faces “total collapse” from energy, industry and food shutdowns
– Morgan warns about European banks cratering, causing global financial CONTAGION
– Finland finance PhD Tuomas Melinen warns of “mayhem” and “collapse” of European economies
– Says we are only WEEKS or MONTHS away from the collapse of Europe’s industrial base
– Switzerland now IMPRISONING people who heat their homes or who boil water
– Malinen warns all Europeans to stock up on cash, food, water and WOOD
– Europe faces unprecedented banking crisis, food crisis, energy crisis and civil unrest

Here’s what others had to say:

Steve Stojanovich
The League Party in Italy is about to take power and they want to end sanctions so they can get nat gas. Some sanity.
Putin DOES NOT WANT TO DESTROY EUROPE. He is a devout Christian. He has stated his goals. They are 1) close the bio weapons labs 2) end the NAZIS of Ukraine 3) Regime change 4) Neutral Ukraine so crazies cannot put nukes on Russia’s border.
Putin also stated when sanctions drop he will sell nat gas to whoever wants it and pays in Rubles.
The elites want war, not Putin.

Putin must be doing a economic collapse happy dance while Biden is wondering around looking for his other matching sock!

If all of the vegan libtards consolidated in one location, they could theoretically survive the winter by farting a collective hole in the ozone layer. But then they would have to cull themselves by 30% each year for their greenhouse gas emissions, so it would indeed be about 10 rough winters until they’re gone. That would require a bit of patience, but I would be willing to accept that proposition!

You should understand that there is no Dictator in Switzerland and everything is subject to referendum by popular vote! So if some extremist makes crazy suggestions, does not mean that some Minister adopts the idea and declares it “Law”. Things just don’t work like that! And btw, not one Swiss Newspaper makes any mentioning of anything in what Mike presents as facts!

While I appreciate y’all’s fertile imaginations and projections, just don’t leave out God’s plan for the future which is laid out in the Bible; i.e., the 7yr tribulation culminating in the war at Armageddon and including a third part of the earth and seas being poisoned and burned, Jesus ruling from David’s throne for a thousand years afterwards, a brand new earth, and masses of souls moved to either heaven or hell, etc. The future for believers is so bright, you need sunglasses to look at it!

This has been planned for many years as you know. The billionaires/millionaires have been securing their hideouts for years so that they will not be exterminated by the populace gone wild when the SHTF. That includes Obama and Trump of corse. Some of them are making plans to upload themselves to the cloud, believing that will give them eternal life. Can you believe their stupidity? When each of us take our last breathe we will be in the presence of The Living God, Ruler of the Universe. Unless they get their hearts and souls in line their eternal fate will be horrific. There’s still time but not much.

I don’t want to, but may agree that the whole “the sheeple had to see how bad it will get” before they wake up” could be mostly rationalization that all the bad stuff happening has a purpose and reason behind it. I agree; “you can’t fix stupid”, especially when the stupid are also totally mind controlled (TV and MSM), and a lot of them will NEVER wakeup. They will simply die in their sleep (and take a lot of the rest of us with them). Oh well; everything must come to an end one day! That day may soon arrive (sooner than we thought)!

Texas Bill
Think about the fact that FEDRESERVE is a private entity owned by huge global banks that have trillions in derivatives and are insolvent. World governments can’t pay entitlements, pensions, debts. My crystal ball: Eventually bankruptcy and riots coming to a city near you.

Fr. David Telemond
What I pray for is a revised version of “LIBERATION THEOLOGY”. Originally Liberation Theology was practiced during the 1960’s in South America. The following is a brief summary of Liberation Theology:
1. The theology of Liberation developed in the 1960s to argue for the liberation of various groups—primarily poor, black, women—from economic and political bondage.
2. For these theologians, it is not enough to support the oppressed; one must be committed to social movements, even revolutions, dedicated to overturning the structures of society.
3. For this purpose, liberation theologians adopt Marxism as an “analytical tool,” with which they make radical revisions to every traditional Christian doctrine.

Like I said Putin is doing an economic collapse happy dance, Russia will be on top during the destruction of west through its own self destruction stupidity. The globalists won’t be in good shape without the United states to protect their ignorant asses from China and Russia during this time. We will probably see Chinese drilling operations setup over the globalists bunkers.

Original Source: https://www.brighteon.com/154448a9-484e-4bab-80a6-059753c14e81

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