What Governments Round the World Have Been Saying About BS 19 Is Not the Truth

What Governments Round the World Have Been Saying About BS 19 Is Not the Truth

Facebook Post By Robert Hilliar

What Governments round the world have been saying about Covid is not the truth and they’ve known it. More of more of truth is coming out about lots of stuff and irrefutable evidence is mounting every day. Covid is just another flu, lockdowns are totally unnecessary, there is no proper science to back it up, the Delta variant is another part of the hoax and the big one, the US election was totally corrupted.

I believe JB will be out soon. The US military has been and still is the ultimate authority and as the forensically audited US election results are being released they are ready to make their next move.

Eventually every state in the US is to be audited. This may show that Trump actually won every state and is in fact the most popular POTUS ever (just my opinion that last bit).

I can foresee a time in the future when lots of people feel totally ashamed and embarrassed as they learn what they have been supporting. These are people who have given their support simply because they believed government propaganda and refused to question the mainstream narrative.

The media is now on notice and most governments realise it’s just a matter of time.

Original Source: https://www.facebook.com/689968136/posts/10158431165223137/?d=n

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