When You See Ambulances and Police Outside Bunnings Within a Week of the Announcement of Bunnings ‘Clinics’ (Jabhouses) …You Know Something Is Seriously Wrong

When You See Ambulances and Police Outside Bunnings Within a Week of the Announcement of Bunnings ‘Clinics’ (Jabhouses) … You Know Something Is Seriously Wrong

By Mark Rowley

When you see ambulances and police outside Bunnings within a week of the announcement of Bunnings ‘clinics’ (Jabhouses) …you know something is seriously wrong.

I myself have noticed an uptick in the number of ambulances on the road, on their way to emergency calls, and also parked in people’s driveways in just my area alone.

But of course, they must be ‘coincidences’.

Here’s what others had to say:

Kiki Kiannis-Beswick
Vaccine injuries can NO LONGER be dismissed by ANYONE!
The general public SERIOUSLY needs to wake the hell UP!
They are not only injuring adults, they are seriously harming the children and parents you are accountable for your children so please please stop being so trusting and naive and wake up!

Gail Dine
My daughter used to hear one or two helicopter a week…their house is in the flight path to the John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle…
I was there recently…5!!!!!
And the day wasn’t over.

Steven Watson
Doing their bit for the country, roll up WA!, its for the community Blah Blah fuckin blah. lambs to the slaughter but you cant tell them.

Sharyn Don
Yeah they dropped about 20 mtres from the jab van after getting jabbed. Obviously they don’t have any medical professionals on site to cater for anyone who has a reaction! Not very safe is it!

Sunny Rovasanin
Or “or some kind of delayed reaction to Covid”

Vanessa Vanderpoll
I’m hearing more than usual ambulances too, I heard 2 in the space of half an hour this morning.

Carol Radnidge
Just had 2 ambulances and an intensive care car at our local restaurant, defib was required.

Pádraigín Cathmhaoil Ó Gallachóir
I was in n my doctor clinic a few weeks ago and there was an elderly lady in waiting area on wheelchair waiting on ambulance she wasn’t well after her 2 shot and went to doc but took a turn in waiting room and when her sister rang her to see if all was okay as she had received a call from receptionist as she was next of kin the ambulance drivers had landed and then in doc assistant s were mortified when she was talking to her sister cause she said it was the 2 shot that caused it all she was 100% before that, their faces was priceless poor lady though.

Brett Garrard

Evelyn Mar
WE live within earshot of a hospital, and I used to hear a couple of sirens a day. Since they’ve set up the covid clinic in the local shopping centre, I am hearing at least 8 ambulances a day.

Mieko Louise
I know a medic he said that the Pfizer causes severe heart issues which require immediate medical attention, so I’d say it was the Pfizer.

Raymon Mc Farlane
Lots of teenage boys in hospital with blood clots and myocarditis too.

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