Very Interesting Details About the Victorian Elections by Morgan Jonas


Very Interesting Details About the Victorian Elections by Morgan Jonas

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Preference deals for cash in Victoria

– Problems with ‘Group Voting’ in Victoria.
– How voters in Victoria are tricked into supporting certain parties.
– The Glen Durery model allows parties/candidates to pay a substantial fee for hugely increasing their chance of election.
– How Rod Barton was able to get elected on 0.6% of the vote.

Here’s what others had to say:

Nick Clonaridis
Rod Barton was the one who tipped us over the edge by extending the emergency pandemic in December

Tami Jane
This is just so wrong!!! No wonder our politics are a mess because the people who are voting don’t even know this.

Lyn Leine
If this isn’t illegal it should be, when I think of all the times my vote could have been used in this way it is sickening!

Kim Burgess
I think the election numbers were totally fraudulent. I believe the biggest threats were given lower votes to destroy their confidence. It was a power play to show they can do whatever they like. The results don’t reflect any other metrics – particularly when looking at breakdown of candidates. All govt data is corrupted.

Kim Cullen
Ah there it is! Wonder why she changed the name of the party from the Sex party to the Reason party? Interesting that prostitution was deemed an essential service by Dan!

Jan Henry
Meddick lied about his daughter being attacked, he has form.

Jan Henry
this is disgusting, how to get a govt nobody wants!!

Kim Cullen
Thanks for explaining that so well Morgan. I feel like I understand how the system works a lot better now.

Tami Jane
The simple fact that money is involved tells us it’s CORRUPT

Judi Bee
FB failure warning – sound is already a bit glitchy. Be prepared for a FB dump and if that happens, head over to Rumble.

Warren David
This system allows corrupt puppets to be formed for the ring masters acts of deception.

Kim Cullen
Unbelievable. First he accuses you of a crack pot and then tries to recruit you! Well done Morgan for keeping your own personal integrity in!

Kim Cullen
And he is the guy that was swooned by Dan and his lackies when he walked across the floor to vote for the Pandemic Legislation to go through and gave Dan his extra powers to wield!

Alan Morton
So here i am in Norway and run into a 40 something couple from Melb.. he was a tradie and was locked down most of the tome in Melb, i asked the question will Dan get back in , he says “ hope not “ she says “ hope so as he kept us safe “ … im goin with his vote..

Dean Andrew
I know Glenn. What he does is legal. If you don’t like it then make the govt change the state electoral laws. The fee is speculated and I can assure you misinformation is being spread about the fee.

Monica Boerma
Hello Morgan, Hope you have had a great day. To my fellow Aussies out there I hope you are having a great day too! No one can control sending good wishes !

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